Atmey Organic giving service in organic products sector has succeeded to take place among the best in food sector today by going through organic food production in 2009. Our firm is certified by international certification institute Başak Ekolojik and Republic of Turkey Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock.

Our projects are located in Kütahya (Sourcherries,Sweetcherries,Almond,Walnut), Nigde (Apple,Pears,Plums,Peach), Şanlıurfa (Barley,Corn,Rye,Wheat,Lentil, Chickpea, Bean, Pistachio, Pomegranate), Malatya (Apricot), Elbistan (Apple,Apricots,Sourcherries, Sweetcherries) and this area includes approximately 3000-hectare area.

We have high-technology : Organic cherry & apple drying & IQF compote facility in Izmir, Organic apricot processing and integrated facility in Malatya, Organic lentil, chickpea, bean and bulgur processing facilities in Mersin, Organic apple & pomegranate & sourcherry concentrated & juice processing facilities in Konya.

Our Mission is today, when the ecological balance is damaged, to support organic manufacturing respectfully to nature with the purpose of leaving a habitable world for the future by enabling organicproducts to be reached easily. We regard our clients, who mind health and are interested in organic products, as volunteers and pioneers of our organic firm. Atmey is a firm that believes in local production and serves to the market arm-in-arm with the producers. Its main working field starts from organic gardens.

Our firm is not content with its present production capacity and has enhanced its production capacity via machines through investments for machines to take more share from fruit drying projects and provide employment.


Control over the whole value chain from farmer to export; 100% organic, therefore no risk of mixing with conventional products during processing Careful processing whichassures that the products are as natural as possible Assurance of good product quality (warehousing for temperature and humidity control, control of insects)

Private Label

We produce private label service with our full product range for health stores, bio shops, supermarket retailers as well as canteens. Our Organic products and your products can be packed at required weight and packaging options according to your demand.


We deliver our complete products range and your private label products to any place all over the World. Our reliable transport partners and the near MERSIN harbour allow us quick handling and low freight rates.